Product Application


Rice Cooker

The capacity of the rice cooker produced by our factory can be selected from 1.0L to 5L with multifunction menus purpose. It is suitable for the needs of different groups such as households, hotels, restaurants, apartments, dormitories and offices etc.
The low sugar function(optional) of the rice cooker can reduce the carbohydrate of rice, providing healthier rice for consumers with high blood sugar, fat people or consumers who need to lose weight.

Air Fryer

The new generation air fryer MK-305 is suitable for households, apartments, dormitories,and offices using, it has optional accessories for multi-cooking purpuse: frying ,deep fry, steam, hot pot, dessert etc.


Electric Food Steamer

15L Household electric food steamer with three layer removable steam pan and visible cover.  It can steam with 1~3 layers at the same time which is efficient for steaming and six preset menus with sensor touch control panel. Steaming is much healthier for life!