Technical Support


Pre-sales Technical Support

1. Our R&D engineers can adjust the functional menu program of rice cooker and air fryer according needs of customers from different countries based on their local market.
2. If customers need to apply for local product and energy efficiency certification, we can cooperate with customers to provide free samples that meet the standards for certification for them . At the same time, technical support is provided until the customer gets the local certificate smoothly.
3. During mass production of your order, our workers will seriously treat every product on the production line from each process, from assembly to finished products. Each finished product will pass strict conventional functional testing and safety inspection before packing to make sure product quality passed.

After-sales Services Technical Support

1. Providing 1-2 year product quality warranty to customer.
2. Providing 1% FOC spare parts for customer’s after-sales service.
3. If the customer encounters any after -sales technical problems that cannot be solved, video calls can be used to help solve it at any time.